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Restraints and Suspension


Ankle Restraints


These standard buckle restraints have a comfortable light fleece lining.

Ankle Restraints

Wrist Restraints


These standard buckle restraints have a comfortable light fleece lining.

Wrist Restraints

Hobbles (Ankle Restraints)


Hobbles (Ankle Restraints).

Thigh to Wrist Restraints


Thick 4 inch wide straps have a light fleece lining to assure complete comfort around the thighs. Our stock 3 inch Wrist Restraint is permanently attached with a steel ring so that your bad boy or naughty girl remains "at attention" before you. The thigh restraints are held together with our heavy duty belt strapping.

Thigh to Wrist Restraints


Buckle Wrist Suspension


Thick high-density foam sewn between two layers of leather and supported by heavy black bridle leather makes these suspension restraints strong and comfortable. The connections point and pull are vertical and easy on the wrists. Will accommodate male and female hands, small medium and large.

Boot Suspension Restraints


These suspension restraints are simple and effective. Two straps in back and a heavy leather sheath in front keep the two heavily riveted straps in place during suspension. These restraints are unique because the person's weight is distributed evenly throughout the foot and ankle. Please indicate boot size when you checkout.