How to Measure

When ordering garments, please enclose the necessary measurements. Please refer to the charts below when taking your measurements.

Please note that all garments will be dispatched on the basis of measurements supplied and CJs Leather accepts no responsibility if the garments do not fit.

1. Around chest
2. Around waist
3. Around hips
4. Around seat
5. Around bicep
6. Around forearm
7. Around wrist
8. Half back to elbow
9. Half back to wrist
10. Neck to waist
11. Inside leg
12. Outside leg
13. Crotch to knee joint
14. Thigh
15. Lower thigh
16. Around knee
17. Top of shin
18. Calf
19. Around ankle
20. Collar
21. Height
22. Half back
23. Across shoulders
24. Neck to shoulder
25. Shoulder to wrist
26. Front rise to top of jeans*
27. Back rise to top of jeans*
28. Front rise to neck
29. Back rise to neck
30. Cap size
31. Round shoulder top arm
32. Boot size

* These measurements start from the center of the crotch (where all jeans usually meet)